Be Honest. Be Fair. Treat others like you want to be treated. I will not cheat you because I do not want to be cheated. I wish I can bring lots of joy and laughter to everyone and make this a wonderful and peaceful place. Until that can be accomplished I will keep trying. I operate my Zibbet Shop with Honesty and Integrity!

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6-14-2015, Sunday

Hi, I just took down all my listings so I can revamp it with better images and new products. :)



My name is Angie and I am the proud owner of :) Originally when I registered this domain, I just purchased it because I liked the name. However over time as I thought about it, it turned into a mission! YES, THAT'S RIGHT! A MISSION!

With the new year beginning, I somehow developed a passion / love for the "MISSION" I came up with. I am super excited because this mission. I am not getting any younger, but yet I feel so constrained because I limit myself to what I can and can't do! I made a bucket list and this bucket list keeps growing! A few are....

Be healthier!~ which should be on everyone's list!


PUBLISH my Own online magazine for my website/shops! I constantly keep trying to figure out my nitch so please bare with me!

Welcome to myMagazine page that is made for my entertainment! This page will be used to Archive past online magazine issues. I've been behind since the first publish, but I am getting back on track and getting busy, but it will be re-vamped to make publishing easier. Keep your eye out for the next one. To know when the latest one is coming out, follow me at Angie

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